Ok, so maybe exercise isn’t all that bad for you…

I have just completed my 4th session with my personal trainer. Today we moved onto our outdoors stuff which consisted of a 60 second light jog, interspersed with a 90 second walk and I’m quite proud to say I didn’t keel over! All in all it was 6 minutes of jogging and 7 of fast paced walking but I did it!

Over the weekend it was my mum’s birthday meal (it’s actually her birthday today and I’m taking her out for the day) so regular readers of my blog will know we always cook a special meal for the birthday person, this weekend was no different.

As I’m trying to get a bit fitter I opted for a mezze board starter with a lie fat fruit roulade for dessert.

For the mezze board I made a feta cheese, cucumber, red onion and tomato salad with pastrami, prosciutto, humous (reduced fat), Mediterranean bread (from Tesco) and some fried halloumi. It wasn’t the healthiest option but was light and very tasty.

Excuse the poorly taken picture.


For the dessert I followed this recipe to make a mango, passion fruit and raspberry roulade. it was beautifully light and I managed to roll it!



So, I take back my statement about exercise, but not about baking! Happy days!


Bank Holiday Feasts

It’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and although it’s half term for me, the extra day does feel a bit special.

We’ve just started to get our food shopping delivered so, this week, I planned a nice Saturday lunch. I ordered pastrami, turkey slices, Dutch maasdam cheese, lettuce and some sunflower seeded bread…

We already had gherkins and mayonaise in the fridge. We then began to work on our New York deli style sandwich…

Instead of gherkin mayo, this is mayo with sliced gherkins.

Cheese! You couldn’t really taste this, so next time I’d go for 2 slices.
East River Tennessee smoked turkey slices. These slices smelled and tasted beautiful.
My sandwich! Served with some Phileas Fogg bubble chips.

My second make was meant to be a chocolate chip muffin cheesecake. Sadly, in my rush to order sandwich fillings I forgot the cream cheese. The events which followed were a sign of a well stocked kitchen, combined with someone desperate for cheesecake.
I present to you… Yogurtcake.

300ml crème fraîche
100ml vanilla yogurt
250g chocolate digestives
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
1 tablespoon butter
4 tablespoons (at least, add more for taste) of peanut butter
100g of chocolate chips
2 tablespoons of jam

The how to
1) Crush to biscuits into crumbs and add the mapke syrup.
2) Melt the butter in a saucepan gently and then pour into the biscuit crumbs and stir.
3) Pour/spoon the crumb mixture into an 8″ round cake tin and pat down.
4) Spoon in the jam and cover the base. Leave in the fridge while you create the next stage.
5) Stir the crème fraîche and yogurt together, add the peanut butter a spoonful at a time and stir until combined.
6) Shake in the chocolate chips and mix.
7) Pour this onto the base and put it back into the fridge.
8) I then decorated with strawberries for my sister and I and grapes for my strawberry hating husband.

It actually tasted pretty good!!

Happy bank holiday weekend.