Ok, so maybe exercise isn’t all that bad for you…

I have just completed my 4th session with my personal trainer. Today we moved onto our outdoors stuff which consisted of a 60 second light jog, interspersed with a 90 second walk and I’m quite proud to say I didn’t keel over! All in all it was 6 minutes of jogging and 7 of fast paced walking but I did it!

Over the weekend it was my mum’s birthday meal (it’s actually her birthday today and I’m taking her out for the day) so regular readers of my blog will know we always cook a special meal for the birthday person, this weekend was no different.

As I’m trying to get a bit fitter I opted for a mezze board starter with a lie fat fruit roulade for dessert.

For the mezze board I made a feta cheese, cucumber, red onion and tomato salad with pastrami, prosciutto, humous (reduced fat), Mediterranean bread (from Tesco) and some fried halloumi. It wasn’t the healthiest option but was light and very tasty.

Excuse the poorly taken picture.


For the dessert I followed this recipe to make a mango, passion fruit and raspberry roulade. it was beautifully light and I managed to roll it!



So, I take back my statement about exercise, but not about baking! Happy days!

Welcoming in 2014 and bidding good riddance to 2013.

Happy New Year!

I am very, very, very glad that 2013 is over. There was something not quite right with last year & I don’t think I was the only one to feel this way!

There were some highlights though: getting married, hen dos, a wonderful honeymoon, baby announcements, proposals, beinf askes to be a bridesmaid (huge congrats to Helen & Ian) & generally good times with friends so I can’t complain too much!

Us on our wedding day ❤

We wanted a low key, last minute NYE & that is exactly what we had. Our good friends, Queenie & Simon, came over and we had a few drinks, ate party food & played silly games. Here are just a few snapshots of our evening/morning after…


Simon’s amazing chocolate brains! They were like Creme eggs (only better) and filled with red buttercream. Nom!




Orange & lemon jelly slice vodka.

Playing Linkee. I would recommend this for fans of Only Connect. Very addictive & competitive!


All the components for a breakfast fit for royalty this morning… Bacon & egg bagels!

It was ‘such fun’ so thanks to Queenie & Simon for coming over.
A tradition that we started two years ago was to have a Welstead family day on New Years Day. It’s basically a good excuse to drink copious amounts of wine, have a pre-lunch sherry and a post lunch port with my mum & sister and to play silly games.

This year I decided to keep lunch simple so cooked ‘appley’ pork & macaroni cheese and served it with salad.

We’d bought a 2kg shoulder of pork as it was reduced in Tesco on Monday night. We cut it into two parts, saving the smaller part for a Sunday roast.

All I did with the pork was pop it into the slow cooker on high, with an apple cut in half, a pint of pork stock, 3 tablespoons of cider vinegar & an onion peeled & halved.

I then left it to cook for about 5 hours, until the juices ran clear.

The pork was tender & juicy and went well with the macaroni cheese and salad.

It wasn’t too filling either!

We then had a relaxed afternoon watching the Vicar of Dibley, playing the alphabet game & more Linkee. A lush start to the new year.

I should probably pay the hubby some attention now so I’m going to finish by wishing you all a happy, prosperous and lucky 2014 from myself & Susie (our cat) and to thank every single person who has been there for us this year. You all rule!