An Easter Bake Off

Blogging during the week is always a treat and a sign that the holidays are here!

Today my oldest best friend and I decided to have a day in baking. We try to do something exciting each school break and today was no exception!  We were really busy and managed to produce macarons and some savoury crackers.

The following recipe is taken from The Great British Bake Off How to Turn Everyday Bakes into Showstoppers book.
Multi-seed savoury crackers
230g wholemeal flour
115g semolina
1/4 teaspoon crushed sea salt
55g sesame seeds
55g linseeds
55g pumpkin seeds (I managed to get seperate bags of each in Tesco)
1 tablespoon of runny honey
3 & 1/2 tablespoons of vegetable oil (plus extra for rolling)
210ml of warm water

The how to
1) Put the flour, semolina and salt in a bowl and mix.
2) Grind the seeds roughly, a kind at a time and then add to the bowl and mix.
3) Whisk the honey and oil with the water and then stir into the dry mix.
4) Knead the mixture until the sides of the bowl come away clean. Cover with clingfilm and leave for 20 minutes.
5) Preheat the oven to 180°c.
6) Rub the worktop with a little oil and then split the mixture into 3 equal pieces. Roll them out one at a time so that it is roughly as thick as a credit card. Cut into rectangles.
7) Bake for around 16 minutes or until the crackers turn golden.


Helen grinding the seeds.


Weighing the seeds.


The mix.


Nom! The finished product!

We also made macarons (see previous posts for this recipe, or Google Mary Berry macaron recipe and find my previous post) following Mary Berry’s recipe. The only thing we did differently was dipping the macarons in the filling as it didn’t set!

These really worked and were a million times better than my attempts. Putting the almonds into a blender really helped!






We put edible glitter on some – surprisingly these cooked better than the other tray!


Half dipped macarons!

Now my hubby and I have plenty of picnic food for tomorrow’s adventure. I’m thinking brie and grapes to go with the crackers. My tummy is rumbling already!


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