A Sunday blues beater!

Warning! My next comment could be deemed as controversial…

I haven’t suffered from the Sunday blues in at least 4 weeks. Admittedly, the weekend could be 24 hours longer but I’m not feeling stressed or worried about Monday. Instead, I’m enjoying a glass of wine, blogging and watching The Voice from last night.

Whilst in Asda on Friday – I can’t describe how much I hate food shopping, particularly on a Friday night – I picked up some Ambrosia chocolate flavoured custard. It’s lazy but I was determined to put some effort into whatever would accompany it.

Browsing through my cookbook collection, I came across Mary Berry’s Steamed Jam Pudding recipe from her cook book Mary Berry’s Complete Cookbook. The recipe features on page 402 and all I’ve done is halved the original, used dark brown sugar instead of caster sugar and added roughly 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.

The ingredients – to make enough for 2
65g butter/soft margerine
65g dark brown sugar
1 egg
85g self-raising flour
2 tablespoons cocoa
6 squares of 85% dark chocolate
About 1tbsp of milk (I needed more due to the cocoa)

Confession time – I didn’t put the recommended baking powder in and the recipe required 1 teaspoon.

The how to
1) Grease the pudding basin with a little butter and put the chocolate squares in the bottom.
2) Beat the butter and sugar together.
3) Mix in the other ingredients and enough milk to create a dropping consistency.
4) Pour the mixture into a basin before covering with foil – with a pleat – and securing with string.
5) Place in a saucepan with boiling water which reaches halfway up the basin and steam for 45 minutes with the lid on.





The pudding rose well and seemed to want to burst out of the foil!

I then cut the string, peeled off the foil and tipped onto a plate.


Ok, so it didn’t come out in one go but, the chocolate melted well and looks beautiful. It’s also the first time I’ve made a steamed pudding and from the chunks I’ve sampled it tastes really good. Not too sweet but chocolatey enough for a sweet tooth.

The perfect ending to roast pork, garlic roast potatoes, stuffing and vegetables! Especially as we’re sampling a Tesco finest stuffing mix!

Review to follow!

Yes, there are enough potatoes here to feed a small army but that’s the hubby for you!

Happy Sunday and hello and thank-you to all my new blog followers!


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