A slightly alternative Christmas menu

Seasons greetings and happy inbetween Christmas & New Year time!

What a Christmas it’s been. We were taken in by my mum & dad for Christmas day after struggling to decide how to spend Christmas day and we had the most amazing 2 days relaxing and enjoying each others company.

To lessen the burden we took some of our food with us; including the turkey with all the trimmings which we served up on Boxing Day.

My mum had cooked leg of lamb in a redcurrent & red wine sauce for Christmas day so turkey the next day was a great contrast! No tips or secrets here though!

For dessert on Boxing Day I made cranachan. I’d sampled this earlier on in the year on our honeymoon and I’ve been desperate to make it since!

Cranachan recipe instead of honey we used honey Jim Beam. I also used (defrosted) frozen summer fruits instead of fresh raspberries.


It was beautiful! We all agreed that a little left over cream and actual honey would have made this alternative festive treat even better!

That’s it for now. I’m about to head into town. Have a wonderful weekend!


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