A baby shower cake.

I designed and made my second commissioned cake yesterday. The remit was a gender neutral baby shower cake.

This was my design:


Initially I chose orange and yellow but the green caught my eye in the shop.

Having never been to a baby shower (I think this might be a new ‘thing’ in the UK) I admit that I had to Google the subject before I began. The designs ranged from brilliantly simple to amazingly creative. I’ll be honest, after a week of setting my classroom up and various other school related tasks the last thing I wanted was a complicated cake!

This cake has been the most traumatic experience in cake making in the entire time I have been baking. My intention to bake the cake on Friday afternoon and then spend Saturday morning decorating it was scuppered when the brakes on my car decided they needed replacing. Cue a 2 hour wait at the garage. Then on Saturday morning my intention to be up early and bake was ruined as I overslept. Next the white icing decided not to lay over the cake properly so I had to throw away the now jam covered blob and buy another pack. Finally I had to transport the cake on my own, thus allowing the icing to crack in the hot car and my lovely balls of icing to roll off. A disaster!

As usual I followed by tried and tested cake recipe using 10 eggs. If you want to know the recipe then have a look through previous blog posts.

I made the cake and then created the icing decorations, with the help of Chris making the green icing balls. The cake took forever to cool too so I actually had quite a productive morning in other ways.





The photo actually makes it look ok!

I will be continuing my GBBO bake-off at some point too. Just need an extra day or two to fit it in!

Happy Sunday!


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