Some much needed ‘me’ time.

I know this is my second post of the day but I had some ‘me time’ today. It was time to catch up with myself and do the things that I love as well as the boring household chores.

After popping into town for part retail therapy and part buying supplies for dinner tonight and our Hitchcock night, I made scones for afternoon tea with my oldest friend Helen. I usually leave scone making to Chris but I was feeling brave, and do you know what? They’re pretty tasty even if I say so myself.

I followed the recipe from the BBC Food website but halved the recipe which produced 5 perfectly sized beauties.

The mixture was very moist, so as I combined the ingredients I kept sprinkling flour over the dough ball I until it was less sticky and didn’t leave all the dough on my hands! I also didn’t roll out the dough and cut out shapes, instead I just made 5 lumps of dough and put these on magic liner on a baking tray.


Served with jam, cream and tea I hope it was a treat for Helen who’s been working at summer school all day.



As a treat for my husband I created Tandoori chicken in the slow cooker. The recipe I followed wasn’t for a slow cooker but I did it anyway!

Tandoori chicken recipe

I just added all the ingredients together and mixed before adding to the slow cooker with 250g of diced chicken and left it to cook on low for 7 hours, checking and stirring it every hour or so.


I also added rice to the slow cooker 2 hours before serving. This is something I haven’t tried before so I was a little anxious it wouldn’t cook so I kept an eye on it and only had to add about 200ml of cold water which thickened the sauce up beautifully. I added the 200ml in 2 parts, leaving a gap between adding the water until the sauce had thickened again.

A lovely treat for a Thursday night and very easy to do. It went really well with a mojito too!



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