BBQ times part 2

We had an impromptu bbq this weekend. After a cancellation we found ourselves with a huge amount of sausages (very tasty pork & apple ones from Asda) so my parents, sister & her boyfriend came over for a Sunday evening bbq.

We had sausages, potato salad and vegetable kebabs which consisted of courgette, peppers, mushrooms & cherry tomatoes. We cooked them on the bbq for around 15-20 minutes & the vegetables were cooked perfectly, not too soft but not too crunchy either.

For the potato salad I cut some new potatoes in half, cooked for about 20 minutes & when cool smoothered in mayonaise. If we’d had any chives we would have added them too!

For puddng I decided to try barbecued peaches. My parent’s had great success with these years ago. I however did not.

I followed a recipe that I found online and I’m not 100% sure at which point it went wrong but I can attempt a guess.

I put 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar in with 6 peaches which had been quartered and a sprinkling of brown sugar. I left to ‘soak’ for just over an hour before cooking on the bbq for 15 minutes. Where it went wrong? I followed the recipe & didn’t use overly ripe peaches but I felt the peaches didn’t cook enough and were still quite hard.



I would try it again though but soak them for longer, possibly in sugar syrup and put straight onto the griddle.


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