Sunday comfort food.

I’m sorry for bombarding you with blog posts today. This will be my last, promise!!

The husband and I gave in to the Sunday feeling and we’ve spent the afternoon on the sofa watching films – A Fantastic Fear of Everything, Jeff, Who Lives at Home and finally, The Muppet Movie. A perfect trio of films and a double bill of Jason Segel *swoon*. Ahem.

Anyway. So part of our perfect Sunday is a roast. Last month Chris (maybe I should actually use his name!) picked up a huge joint of pork in Asda reduced to half price. It was about a kilo in weight so we split it into two bits and froze both. I love saving money! It was quite a fatty piece of meat but for the £4 it cost us it was good value for money.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my parents bought us a slow cooker as a wedding present and it’s been the best gift we’ve ever recieved.


It’s a Breville, 3 litre slow cooker & has 3 settings: low, high & auto. It’s easy to use & easy to clean which is perfect for us!

We put half of the pork (500g) into the slow cooker with 2 old apples that had gone a little soft, 1 litre of pork stock & a table spoon of apple sauce & cooked it on high for 4 hours.



The pork was so tender when it came out that it just fell apart! We used the liquid from the slow cooker with gravy granules to make gravy and thus meant we had no waste. The gravy tasted very sweet and had a great apple tang to it.


We served it with the traditional trimmings for a roast: stuffing, vegetables, yorkshire puds and (for some reason quite disappointing) roast potatoes.


It was amazing even if I say so myself and even though I’m quite sleepy, I feel ready to do battle with whatever next week throws at me.

I also, finally shared my blog on my Facebook page and have recieved some lovely messages from friends – Thank-you Kirsty & Jessica! They made my day.

It just goes to show, it’s the simple things in life which can make the real difference. I hope you’ve had great weekends & are ready for the week ahead, whatever it may bring.


2 thoughts on “Sunday comfort food.

  1. Goodness, you have been busy today! I have to say the ceramic pot that we cook roasts in is the best thing in the kitchen. Just bung the lot in there cook it for 5-6 hours so the house fills with the smell and the meat falls to pieces, then you just have to do the veg, which isn’t too bad. Congrats on your film choice by the way (had to get a film reference in there to validate my two cents!) I’m now hungry…damn!

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