Here comes the bride – Part 2

The cake is finished! All it needs is placing onto the cake stand and voila! Job done! I am now sipping on a Costa hot chocolate before a sushi & pamper day with one of my bridesmaids. Bliss!

For the fruitcake layer we spread a thin layer of apricot jam before covering with marzipan.

We then rolled out the block of ready made icing onto a dusting of icing sugar before wrapping the icing lightly round a rolling pin and placing onto the cake.


The icing for this wasn’t perfect as we needed more so that we didn’t have to roll it quite as thinly as we did. However, my clever mum with a little icing sugar & a damp pastry brush covered the few splits that there were.

The lemon cake came out a little thin so my mum knocked up another layer before I arrived this morning. We sandwiched the layers together with some lemon buttercream icing made from a knob of butter, icing sugar and the juice of one lemon. We used an electric hand whisk which made it gloriously light (it tasted like the cream in a Krispy Kreme doughnut!). We put some in the middle & a layer on the top to help the icing stick.



For the plain sponge layer we spread a thin layer of raspberry jam onto the cake and then put the icing onto it.

When all the cakes were iced (the last 2 almost perfectly) we placed red ribbon around and pinned it into the cakes before carefully placing the sugar gerberas onto the top with a little runny icing.


I think they look stunning & I’m really pleased with the results. My mum, mother-in-law & sister all helped immensely so it’s not just my work.

These are the cake toppers which will go on the final layer – a giant cupcake made by my best friend Queenie.


The groom bird definitely looks like the h2b!


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