A double dose of baking.

With only 4 weeks to go until the big day & a couple more pre-wedding celebrations to attend, this was my only free-to-bake weekend! So I’m making the most of it with 2 baking challenges.

This past week has really felt like spring has been on it’s way in. I didn’t even have to wear my coat out on afternoon break duty on Tuesday! There are also signs of spring on my drive to school now with crocuses & snowdrops emerging. Here’s hoping spring really starts to get underway!

Baking ‘attempt’ number 1.
Easter scones.

One of my best friends Holly came over this weekend a) so she could get a mention on my blog & b) to spend some time together. We’d decided during the week that we were going to do some Easter baking so Holly’s mission was to find an Easter recipe with a difference and she found these Easter scones which are a healthy adaptation to these Cadbury mini egg scones. We decided to follow the first recipe which was the healthy one. Now, I’m not sure at which point these potential treats decided to almost do their own thing & not work but they did. Just. It could have been the reading of the ingredients rather than the recipe *coughHollycough*, maybe our lack of baking soda which could not be found or maybe quite simply the baking gods were against us. Whatever the issue the cake biscuit bread creation was edible…although not a scone! I would definitely give this recipe another go as it was definitely us that were at fault.

Baking ‘attempt’ number 2.
Apple strudel

My second attempt was to make an apple strudel for a mother’s day dessert. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts any occassion calls for a get-together in the Welstead household & Mothering Sunday is no exception.

After hearing a conversation about why we celebrate Mothering Sunday on the radio as I drove hone on Friday night, I wanted to find out more. The BBC Norfolk website had the best, most concise reason. Hopefully that’s solved any questions.

For the strudel’s pastry I cheated & bought Jus-Rol puff pastry sheets. Strudel is one of my favourite puds & so it needed to have perfect pastry.
For the fruity middle I peeled, cored & finely chopped 3 cooking apples and then in a saucepan melted a small knob of butter with 2 tablespoons of sugar & 2 teaspoons of cinnamon until the apple was softened.
When this was ready I put it onto the centre of the puff pastry and then cut the pastry either side into strips and folded them over at an angle.
I glazed with a beaten egg & then cooked at 180°c until it was slightly browned.
We served with custard or as a treat, clotted cream! Voila! One near baking disaster & one delicious dessert!

Happy Sunday, Happy mummy’s day to my wonderful mummy & my lovely mother-in-law to be & happy Spring!


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