Snap happy!

It’s the weekend & only 5 weeks until I get married. Yesterday my friend Grace, our wedding photographer came down to talk wedding photos (& to drink wine, wear face masks & watch movies). As she’s a vegetarian I attempted vegetarian lasagne which is her favourite.

300g vegetarian mince
2 tablespoons of sweetcorn
1 pepper (any colour)
1 red onion (white is also fine)
1 cube of vegetable stock
1 dessert spoon of tomato puree
1 tin chopped tomatoes
Dried rosemary
Dried thyme
Lasagne sheets
Olive oil
Béchamel Sauce
1 tablespoon plain flour
1 tablespoon butter

The recipe I followed was pretty much my normal lasagne recipe except I used meat free mince from Asda.

How to

1) Heat a small amount of olive oil in a saucepan before adding the chopped onion and cook until softened.
2) Add the veggie mince and fry for 10 minutes on a medium heat (I found it was really hard to know when it was cooked!)
3) Crumble in the vegetable stock.
4) Pour in the diced pepper and continue to fry for a further 5 minutes on a medium heat.
5) Squeeze in the tomato puree and add the tinned tomatoes with a sprinkle of dried rosemary and thyme before leaving to simmer while you make the sauce.
6) Heat the oven to 200°c and in another saucepan melt the butter and remove from the heat.
7) Whisk in the flour until it forms a smooth consistency.
8) Put this back on the heat and add milk slowly, allowing it to mix in entirely. The first few times you add the milk it needs to thicken to a paste. Continue to add milk until it’s a thick sauce.
9) In dishes or a dish create a layer of the mince mixture, then lasagne sheet & then a spoonful of sauce & repeat until the mixture runs out or the dish is full. It normally creates a 2 layer delight.
10) When all the mince has been used, put one final lasagne sheet layer followed by sauce and grate cheese over the top.
11) Place the lasagne in the oven for 25 minutes until the cheese melts and starts to brown & the lasagne sheets are softened.

I served mine with mixed garden salad & garlic bread.
I’ve cooked vegetarian a few times now but this was definitely the most successful. The meat free mince was a great alternative to beef mince & it was really hard to tell it wasn’t meat. It also felt healthier & wasn’t as filling oddly!


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