Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.

It’s the start of my Christmas holidays!! After a 7 week term we were all crawling to the finish line that was yesterday. After a week of pantos, parties & talent shows we were all in the festive spirit.

Today’s blog post is dedicated to my work friends, most notably Kath. After a year’s exchange from Oz we had some teary goodbyes to say yesterday which was only lightened by my spectacular fall into a puddle of mud! So this one’s for you Kath – whoop whoop, joy wrap, good paper, blah, blah, blah – we miss you already.

This Sunday evening my h2b & I are hosting my friendship group’s annual Christmas do. 14 of my closest friends will be coming round into our tiny, terrace house for nibbles, drinks & some secret Santa. I will be attempting some gluten free recipes today as one of our guests has a gluten intolerance. Wish me luck, I’m a little nervous!

I was more than a little anxious about providing enough food for a gluten free diet so I chickened out & bought a cake mix by Hale & Hearty.

It was simple enough to mix, although I was supervised by our cat, Susie…

This mixture needed 2 eggs and 90g of butter & made enough for a 20″ round tin.
This is the finished product.
I made gluten free pastry for the vol-au-vents following this recipe.
It made quite a lot so I used half and have frozen the rest. These will be topped tomorrow with gluten free white sauce & prawns, salmon or mushrooms. Photos to follow.

I also made sticky gingerbread cupcakes but with gluten free flour. They taste good but the texture is quite spongy. This is them pre-mascapone frosting.
I hope everyone is having a wonderfully stress free festive weekend. I certainly am. There will be party photos to follow with some mistletoe and a glass or 2 of wine! Happy Christmas weekend.


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