A festive friends & family weekend.

Happy weekend everyone! We are creeping closer and closer to Christmas and I am so, so, so excited! This weekend the festivities continue with a trip to London with my bestie Queenie to see my friend Grace. The plan is to check out a Christmas market, drink mulled wine & go out for dinner. I’ve been counting down to this all month!!

As well as that, tomorrow we’re having a family get together at my parent’s house with my Dad’s side of the family. I have volunteered to take chocolate tea cakes so today will be my second attempt at these treats. I aim to improve them by:
1) Baking the biscuit base for a minute or 2 less.
2) Making the marshmallow thicker.
3) Sealing them with milk chocolate to make them uniform in colour.

I really should get up & baking or they’ll never be made!

I followed exactly the same recipe as last time except I doubled it to make 12 forgetting that I had leftover biscuit dough last time! I have frozen the extra though for next weekend.

I also made them heartshaped this time!


I also added jam again as that proved a popular choice last time.


The finished product…


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