but when she got there the cupboard was bare…

It has been one of ‘those’ weeks. One of those weeks where you plod along quite happily during the working day and then come home to a mountain of bills, delayed trains (the h2b) and a list of household chores as long as your arm. Nevertheless, it’s the weekend and after a lovely evening with my bestie Queenie (who arrived armed with flowers AND wine)…


I thought things were on the up. Food shop done and an Autumnal, yet soggy walk around Leeds Castle completed I set to work on the h2b’s Gan Gan’s 90th birthday cake. You would have thought this would be easy, but no, this is where I start to feel like Old Mother Hubbard. We had half the required amount of Stork SB butter (which I always use for baking), a third of the amount of self raising flour, just enough vanilla essence and only golden castor sugar. Cue a little stomping, sighing and maybe a few expletives. In the end I used plain and self raising flour with added baking powder, golden castor sugar and half Stork, half regular butter.

This is the mixture before it went in


One half just out of the oven.


I then realised that after using up all of the butter in the house I had none for buttercream. Cue more stomping, sighing and expletives until the h2b insisted I stop and leave the house to get the required ingredients. What would I do without the voice of reason that is Chris?!

To finish on a more positive note, the only way is up, right? Happy weekend everyone!


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