A little of what you (fondant) fancy.

I admit it. I have a problem. I love baking for other people!

After my tea cake escapades yesterday I was feeling a little guilty about how I hadn’t made enough for the staffroom. I had enough to give to my 2 taste testers (Trisha and Becki) and my family-in-law to be, but not enough without leaving us devoid of any.

On the drive back from my h2b’s gan gan I decided I would attempt some fondant fancies… The lessons I learnt from this? Follow the recipe!!! I admit that I tend to glance at recipes, pick out the key bits and then freestyle. This was my downfall today.

For the cake I used my usual sponge cake recipe: I weighed 3 eggs then used this weight for the self raising flour, butter & castor sugar.

I began by beating the sugar and butter before adding the beaten eggs (with a teaspoon of vanilla extract) and sifted flour a little at a time. I use a metal spoon as I heard from somewhere that a metal spoon creates a reaction to make the sponge airier. It always works for me! I then baked for 20 minutes in an oven set at 180 degrees Celsius.

This is where I went wrong. I made buttercream icing using butter, milk and icing sugar and royal icing using food colouring, icing sugar and water. I then cut the sponge without measuring and made clumsy looking squares.

I put a blob of buttercream on each before coating the sponge squares with the icing.


I then drizzled with orange icing. The h2b laughed at how ‘cute’ they were!


I doubt Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry would even want to taste them!

They’re not perfect and I’m still not sure they’ll even be taken to school, but I tried and definitely decided that next time I will follow this recipe as Mary Berry definitely knows best!


One thought on “A little of what you (fondant) fancy.

  1. I have to admit you always brighten up my day with little treats!!! No matter what happens in the day your cakes make everything better again!! Luv u xxxx

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