Time for tea.

Happy Saturday! I have been busy baking since 11 this morning and I have to say I’m quite proud of my results.

Inspired by Salt, Pepper and a Dollop of Cream’s (which is a blog I would definitely recommend following) I attempted my own tea cakes. My only dilemma, I was too impatient to wait and order tea cake moulds. So I used my initiative and used silicone cupcake cases. You’ll have to read on to find out how they turned out…

I made the biscuits first and really took my time over each step. I followed the recipe from The Great British Bake Off Showstoppers cookbook but it’s also on the BBC website here.






I followed advice and made them approximately 3mm thick and they cooked for 12 minutes. The mixture made 15, 4cm in diameter biscuits.

I then set to work on the chocolate. I tried melting the chocolate over water but managed to knock the bowl into the saucepan and ruin it. I was more than a little annoyed. Nonetheless, I persisted purchasing milk chocolate this time and melting in the microwave. Finally it worked!!

I coated the cupcake cases with the chocolate and when I had finished the first coat, went back and added another layer before the first layer set.


I also coated only one side of the biscuit with melted chocolate and then left that to set as well.

br />;


As you can see from the above picture I used a hand whisk and it took about 25 minutes of the h2b and I whisking. Well worth it though!

I left the marshmallow to cool for 30 minutes before spooning it into each case, leaving space for the biscuit to fit in. I then added a spoonful of jam to each as I have a weakness for jammy tea cakes before finally fitting the biscuit on top. Then I melted a little more chocolate and sealed the tea cakes.



Voila, my finished product! The marshmallow is perhaps a little runny but apart from that I’m really pleased. The tea cake moulds have gone onto my Christmas list so that my next attempt can be a little more conformist in shape, but for now, a cup of tea to enjoy my tea cake with.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



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