Winter’s coming.

Half term is over! However it’s only 7 weeks until Christmas.

Yesterday we decided to have my sister and her boyfriend over for an impromptu roast dinner. I cooked roasted onion soup to start which I served with goats cheese and home made croutons. I used this recipe and took the advice from the comments adding balsamic vinegar and brown sugar. I roasted the onions for 15 minutes before stirring and cooking for a further 15 minutes. It was very well recieved!


We followed this with roast chicken, steamed vegetables, roasted new potatoes and the h2b made stuffing following this Mrs Beeton recipe and he added a chopped apple. No pictures I’m afraid as it was gone so quickly!

My sister (who works as a baker) brought pudding with her. It was the most beautiful Key lime pie I have ever tasted! She followed this recipe and we finished up for pudding tonight.


The chicken we bought yesterday was so big that we managed to get another meal (& we will get at least another later this week) out of it. We had bacon and chicken pasta bake tonight.


2 rashers of bacon
A serving of roast chicken
A clove of garlic
Olive oil
Wholegrain mustard


Heat the oven to 180°c and put the pasta on to boil.

While the pasta is boiling fry the bacon which has been cut into small chunks with a small amount of olive oil and the crushed clove of garlic.

Add the mushrooms and cook until softened.

When the bacon is cooked add the chicken and fry for about a minute.
Make the cheese sauce by melting a spoonful of butter, then whisking in a spoonful of flour and slowly adding milk until the sauce is quite thick.

Add a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard and enough cheese to taste and then ensure the cheese is melted into the sauce before adding all the ingredients into an ovenproof bowl and covering in grated cheese.

Cook for 15-20 minutes until the cheese is brown.  


A very warming meal for a chilly bonfire night. Happy Monday and enjoy the week ahead.


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