Just because…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love half term! I’ve spent today with my mum working on my wedding dress and it’s almost finished!! I got home about 3 and after doing some housework I really, really felt like experimenting in the kitchen and cooking a special meal for the h2b just because I can.

We had roast pork on Sunday evening and we had half left, so after toying with a couple of ideas including soup (!), pie or curry I came up with a savoury pork and apple crumble with potato and parsnip rostis on the side.

For the crumble filling I gently fried a cooking apple with a leek until they were soft before adding the pork (cubed) and half a pint of vegetable stock.



I then added some chopped green beans, brussel sprouts, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and simmered for 15 minutes.


For the crumble mix I combined flour and butter to make breadcrumbs and then added some leftover stuffing, salt, pepper and a spoonful of thyme. I’m not saying that this is a proper recipe to be followed but I quite like trying new things. It’s almost a science lesson for me.


For the rostis I grated a parsnip and a potato and added a spoonful of cumin and a seasoning of salt and pepper.


I used kitchen roll to ‘dry’ the mixture before pushing into crumpet rings and then I fried them in a little oil and butter until they were golden on both sides…


before placing on a baking tray to finish off in the oven for 8ish minutes.

As an aperitif I decided to make some mini cheese straws to go alongside my persimmon vodka cocktails. It sounds fancy but these were all leftover ingredients!

I followed this cheese straw recipe and added a teaspoon of English mustard and a splash of milk before I rolled them out and cut out the shapes.



I have to confess I sampled one and it was perfect!

I made the persimmon vodka cocktail using 2 leftover, and skinned persimmons with two shots of vodka. I blended it all together and using a sieve strained the juice into glasses before putting them in the fridge. When the h2b gets home I will add lemonade and some Lego men ice cubes.


More baking adventures tomorrow to celebrate Halloween.

Happy Tuesday evening everyone!


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