Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m a gingerbread pumpkin!

Good morning! What a wonderful morning it is as it’s finally half term! However, instead of enjoying the possibility of a lay in, I’ve been up since 6 making gingerbread. This is quite normal for me. As a child my parents would always be up early for work so I’ve inherited this and even as a teen I could never stay asleep past 8 or in bed much past 9 in the morning. It’s a seize the day attitude, once I’m awake then that’s how I stay.

My weekend was the perfect start to a week off. I had a girls night out on Saturday night, dinner and dancing with 3 brilliant friends who I’ve known since I was 11 (the scary part of that is that it means we’ve been friends for 15 years!!) Yesterday was spent recovering and stomping around Leeds Castle, possibly the loveliest castle in the leaves with the h2b and a hot chocolate in hand. We then returned home to carve pumpkins and drink mulled wine whilst watching a scary film which is a Halloween tradition we’ve always had.

I think the h2b’s carving is brilliant:


Mine was a little OTT:



Today I’m spending the day with the h2b’s aunt and cousins making pumpkin pie & decorating their house for Halloween and I can’t wait! I will be taking some of my gingerbread pumpkins too for the boys to decorate.

For the gingerbread I followed this recipe from the BBC food website but added a teaspoon of nutmeg as well.





The recipe made 24 in total and they baked for about 12 minutes. They are a tiny bit soft inside but crispy on the outside. I even have to be a bit big headed now and say that they have exactly the right ginger taste to them. The spice hits instantly and lingers pleasantly. I like to think that Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be proud!


Considering I haven’t made gingerbread for a few years I’m very pleased with the outcome! I’m leaving them all un-decorated so that I can decorate the ones for my drama group with my best friend. As well as gingerbread pumpkins, my best friend and I will also be putting to use the following goodies from Poundland.


Watch out for another post this week! Happy Monday 🙂


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