Beating the Sunday blues.

What a weekend! It’s a cold, miserable Sunday evening and I’m curled up in the kitchen listening to Absolute 80s and awaiting lamb casserole. Lamb casserole is a favourite of the h2b and I as I get to put in a load of my favourite veggies and he gets lamb, gravy and roast potatoes.

Lamb casserole is another dish in which measurements aren’t a necessity. I brown the lamb in a frying pan with a sprinkling of flour, a leek and olive oil before adding it to a casserole dish with a variety of veg (tonight Brussels sprouts & mange tout) and a pint of lamb stock. I then leave it for an hour, add dumplings in the last 20 minutes and then serve it alongside roast potatoes (Hairy Bikers style, roasted parsnips (from my parent’s garden) and roasted carrots, oh and a nice glass of red.

For dessert we’re having upside down apple crumble. My mother-in-law to be tried this earlier in the week and not one to be left out I felt I should try it to.

I cooked the apples in cinnamon and brown sugar until almost soft and then off the heat. I made a basic crumble mix (see my around the world blog post for this recipe) but I added a spoonful of golden syrup before putting into a cake tin and baking for 20 minutes (or until brown). I buttered the cake tin to enable them to come out easier and I’m pleased to say it worked without making them too greasy.

Below is my step by step process with the finished product.






We will be having this with custard (me) and cream (the wonderful h2b). I will update as and when we have tried them!

P.S. the verdict… Very tasty, comforting and warming! Happy Sunday!


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