Another day, another birthday cake.

What a busy morning! It’s only 12:20 & I’ve dropped a friend off at the station, been to the gym, picked up cake supplies and coffee & made & decorated a birthday cake.

I was asked to make a Monster High themed birthday cake for a friend’s daughter. Fine, I thought. No problem. Until I was told no cream, no jam and, wait for it… no icing! I have to be honest and admit now that it wasn’t entirely without icing. Her features and hair are most definitely icing but that’s it.

First I made the sponge cake following my earlier Victoria sponge cake recipe with 5 medium eggs. I added (lots of) green food colouring & baked for 30 minutes. The photo below doesn’t quite do the awesome green colour justice.


Once cooked I then cut into the shape of the face.


With help from the h2b we eventually go it out of the roasting tray (it’s the biggest tin I have) and onto a black chopping board. While the cake had been cooking I had created the eyes and mouth & got very red hands!


I used a paintbrush to paint the icing. I then added strawberry pencils and some green icing hair & voila! The finished product…


I’m quite pleased with the finished product as it’s been the hardest to make so far. It’s not perfect but I’m hoping it will get a smile from the birthday girl!


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