Weddings, books and a seaside adventure

So, it’s been a while but the end of the summer holidays has crept up quickly with today being my last day of freedom! I’ve had a lovely couple of days doing all the things I love most and seeing those who mean the most.

Thursday started out with some baking which of course is my favourite thing to do! I made these dinosaur biscuits.


I followed a basic biscuit recipe to create these shortbread style biscuits

Previously when I had followed the recipe I had cut them out to look like ice cream cones and decorated accordingly.


I made the dinosaur biscuits much thicker and they were much softer on the inside and cooked much more evenly. I would recommend rolling them out to about 1cm in thickness and giving the, 20minutes baking time in a 200 degree Celsius oven.

As well as baking, my fiancé and I treated ourselves to a night away. We booked a room at The Marine Hotel in Whitstable and we were delighted by the room. Our room had a balcony & sea view (which we paid extra for) and it was very clean & modern. We then visited a few of the pubs in the town, sampling some of their ales including Boondoggle, The Wife of Bath and Shepherd Neame classics including Whitstable Bay & Spitfire. A very pleasant evening with my best friend and his wife.

The following day was mainly spent reading Dorothy Koomson’s new book The Rose Petal Beach. I couldn’t put it down and had finished it just 24 hours after starting it.


The book is a thriller with likeable characters an a plot that will keep you guessing!

I also attempted shopping for bridesmaid dresses this weekend & they must have tried at least 15 before we decided on the dress of which there was only one in the right size, which was in the sale but last season’s and therefore no way of getting another! The search continues…


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