We all want some chocolate pudding.

My favourite chef is Nigella Lawson. I love her books, I love her tv show and I adore her recipes and haven’t found a single one yet that is impossible to make or uses difficult to find ingredients.

My blog post today brings you my favourite, ok top 5, Nigella recipe. Introducing to you Nigella’s Glitzy Chocolate Puddings

They are ever so easy to make and the approval they receive when you first reveal them and then the pleasure they elicit when they are sampled make you want to deny the simplicity of both the ingredients and the method.


As you can see from the picture above, they are delicious with raspberries as a ‘healthier option’ and as well as sprinkling with Crunchie as the recipe suggests to add the glitz, I’ve added flakes of chocolate and for our engagement BBQ last year I served them with Sainsbury’s Sugar Stars. Clotted cream or double/whipped cream also add an extra level of naughtiness to these small, but perfectly formed puddings. I cannot go on enough about how highly I’d recommend these puddings. A fail safe for any dinner party occasion.


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