Going to the chapel and we’re going to eat cake.

I’ve got weddings on the brain at the moment! Having spent the day working on my wedding dress yesterday it’s all I can think about! I will occasionally blog about my forthcoming wedding, although once term starts again I won’t have as much time to think about it.

We’re doing our wedding on a budget, because, although it’s an important day my fiancé and I know that it’s the vows that matter and everything else will just be good fun. I managed to pick up my dress for £37.50 from the Monsoon sale and I can’t describe it in great detail but it’s ivory and plain. I had tried on some dresses in Candy Anthony, all with a red petticoat, so of course I had to have one. Unfortunately Candy Anthony was a little out of my budget but the dresses were amazing and the staff were so kind and helpful.

My mum and I spent yesterday afternoon making a two tiered, bolt red petticoat and although I have to go back today to help it’s significantly cheaper than buying. Hobbycraft had all of the materials we needed too which made it easier. In total my wedding dress has reached the grand sum of £87.50!


We began by making the top band before moving on to cut panels of dress net.



We used the step by step guide from; Petticoat

It’s well explained and easy to follow. I also made a long sash using the polka dot fabric.

Anyway, as I was saying – weddings on the brain! This has been the year of weddings. We’ve had 4 this year and we’ve got one left to go. One of my best friends got married in June & not only was I asked to be his best person but I also made their cake. It’s such a big thing for me and I really wanted to know if I could produce a cake big enough to feed 200 people.
I rented the tins cheaply at £1.50 per tin, whatever the size, from a local cake shop for a long weekend. The requirements I was given included the 2 bottom layers being fruit cake and then chocolate and then plain sponge.

For the fruit cake I used Delia’s largest fruit cake recipe and then split it between the 2 tins; Delia’s scaled up fruitcake

The chocolate cake was the Victoria sponge cake I blogged yesterday but with 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder. The finished product looked like this…


Again, it was the icing that let me down, but the ribbon hid the few small errors that I made. It has given me the confidence to attempt my own and I was able to prove to myself that it was possible even though I had a good few sleepless nights worrying about it! It was also cheap to do. I like being able to complete projects on a budget and the total cost for tin hire, ingredients and the board was around the £50 mark and it was exactly to the bride and groom’s requirements.

I also spent yesterday putting together the goody bags for the children for our final wedding of the year. I raided Wilkinson’s with my list of 11 names and ages in hand and got each child a crafty project, colouring/brain teaser book, sweets and pencils for under the £50 budget.
As you can see each child has got quite a substantial hoard.


I think that’s it for weddings in my blog for a while, hopefully should we complete the petticoat today there may be a picture tomorrow!


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