Cupcakes I have loved and lost.

Good morning!

I fully intend on blogging once a day over the summer holidays to share old recipes I have tried and, if the summer doesn’t go too quickly, new ones.

This morning, ice cream cone cupcakes. I made these with friends at the very beginning of the summer after seeing ice cream cupcakes pop up every time I searched online for new ideas. This is what they looked like;


For this recipe we followed; Ice Cream Cupcakes

I had a friend who had recently come back from the U.S. and she’d brought back some Duncan Hines Frosting Creation packs. On these cupcakes I used the Cotton Candy flavour.


We didn’t have the frosting starter the packet recommended so we just used the fail safe butter, icing sugar & dash of milk and combined the powder. As you can see it was a sturdy icing with an intense colour.

We were quite anxious during the baking process about the cones burning, but the low temperature that the recipe suggests prevents this. Next time I would have filled the cones a little over half-way as the sponge only just came above the top of the cone.


All in all though, they were met with approval at my drama group (Out of the Asylum – OotA). Definately worth making even if it is just for the wow factor!


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