Chutney making & a trip to the beach!

So, my first blog post. Where to start? I’m nearing the end of the summer holidays (I’m a teacher you see) and my best friend and I created a bucket list of things we wanted to do. Number one on our list was to make chutney. With the assistance of my mother we made a caramelised onion chutney & a sweet chilli jam.


We halved the original recipes to test them out and were pleasantly pleased with the results!

The onion chutney recipe we followed was from;

and the sweet chilli jam from;

Delicious with cheddar cheese and biscuits although we will be experimenting a little more later with some other varieties of cheese.

Point two on our bucket list was an evening trip to the beach to watch the sunset. As you can see from below the view from Whitstable was beautiful.


We dined on chips on the seafront. A thoroughly brilliant day.

This blog will include further recipes and adventures and occasional wedding news as it’s only another 227 days!


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